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We are a super fun podcast show giving you the most titillating tidbits from what's new in the world of exercise science. Don't have time to read a whole research paper or published study? We've got you covered with what you need to know about and what you might want to check out further. It's not a trainer telling you how to eat right and exercise to lose weight! We are for the fitness fanatics, the students, the teachers, or those super weirdos (whom we adore) that just like knowing things at parties (WE MISS PARTIES). We will be your guide into the world of research in the field of kinesiology before you dive headfirst into pages and pages only to realize you're reading the wrong paper!! Dontcha just hate that?


Reading research articles is time consuming and frankly we all live busy lives.


Recording and editing takes a lot of time and work.


Listening is easy and fun! Listen to our show on your commute or during your workouts.

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